Château de Malbrouck

From Malbrouck Castle to Metz cathedral, the stones echo with the footsteps of the past.

For centuries, people have been looking up in wonder. A moving architectural legacy left to us by those who came before. The living imprint of our identity.

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Medieval citadel

The medieval flavour of one of France’s most beautiful towns
Step back in French history within the ramparts of Lorraine’s “mini Carcassonne”; there’s lots to see all year round.
Wander the narrow lanes as you ask yourself which castle tower you left your horse tethered to. By Jove!

Children can imagine themselves as princesses and knights in the sumptuous surroundings of Rodemack medieval city. All it takes is a walk through the winding, hilly streets, among the towers and ramparts.
We recommend taking a guided tour and making the most of the events that take place all year round. A medieval kitchen garden will fascinate herbalists and those interested in heritage vegetables. Even the Post Office has been preserved in its original style.

DON’T MISS OUT: Rodemack Medieval Festival, in early summer every year!

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Festival médiéval Rodemack
Cité médiévale Rodemack


Imperial Quarter

From Romanesque to art deco, designed by architects from all over Europe.

The Imperial Quarter was built around the station, upon the orders of Emperor William II. Its architecture harmoniously combines the colours and trends of the Belle époque.

Strolling through the beautiful architecture of the Imperial Quarter of Metz gives you a real sense of the 47 years the city spent under German annexation, from 1871 to 1918.
The Emperor ordered the construction of a “New City”, close to the station. The result is a heady mix of architectural styles.

Spend an hour wandering the streets of the Imperial Triangle with your children and have fun spotting the styles: neo-gothic, neo-baroque, neo-Renaissance, Jugendstil, Romanesque...

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Gare de Metz _ Philippe Gisselbrecht
Gare de Metz


Saint-Étienne Cathedral

Visit “God’s Lantern”
This gothic masterpiece has been reaching up to the heavens for 800 years.

At sunset, its Jeumont stone glows golden. The stained-glass windows of this landmark of Lorraine’s heritage play with the light.
The perfect opportunity for parents and children alike to immerse themselves in culture, art, religion and history at Moselle’s most important historic building.

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Cathédrale fleurs © Philippe Gisselbrecht


Malbrouck Castle

“Malbrouck has left for war” sing these noble stones, echoing the French children’s song.

In the land of three borders stands a 15th century castle. After an extraordinary reconstruction project, it now hosts large events in its grandiose surroundings.

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Magnificent Malbrouck castle perches on a rocky outcrop that dominates the region, overlooking the village of Manderen.
The moment the guide begins to tell its thrilling tale, children of all ages will be enthralled. Even the reconstruction project was an exhilarating journey from ruin to renewal. Displays trace five centuries of history.
Every year, festivals, shows and major cultural events take place within the castle walls. The castle draws large crowds to its hilltop home and is one of the “Grands sites de Moselle”.

Château de Malbrouck
Château de Malbrouck
Château de Malbrouck
Château de Malbrouck
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Moselle is one big playground for families, filled with adrenaline, wonder and opportunities to push your limits.

Reconnect with nature, or enjoy a fun and relaxing day out or weekend break with the kids.

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Thrilling experiences for the whole family


Aqua Mundo - Center Parcs Domaine Les Trois Forêts

A tropical aquatic world at the heart of the forest.

With its many pools and slides, you can relax with your family in the warm waters, or ride the exhilarating wild river.

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Aqua Mundo inspires relaxation, immersing the whole family in the tropical atmosphere of its pools. Children young and old will have hours of fun laughing and splashing, sliding and swimming in the pools of the Center Parcs resort just outside Metz. 

For babies taking their first dip, children aged 3 months and over can splash in the warm water of the baby pool and giggle while riding the mini flume. The Water Tree will have children over 5 in fits of laughter: this aquatic play platform features water pistols and jets. A huge bucket drops 900 litres on the bathers below, in complete safety. Fun and relaxing. Children can also grab hold of a parent and feel the motion of the wave pool. Fun and laughter guaranteed!

The ideal opportunity to spend time as a family, as part of a weekend getaway or short break. 

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sorties en famille Moselle
sorties en famille Moselle



In the eye of the predator.

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The animals of the European continent represent biodiversity on a life-size scale: coyotes, lynxes, bears, wolves... There is a scent of adventure for the whole family. The park was voted “best zoo and wildlife park” in France in 2019.

Your children won’t believe their eyes when they look through the bedroom window to see a wolf stop and turn its head toward them. At Sainte Croix Animal Park, you can look these legendary animals in the eye. It is home to packs of wolves, bears, deer, lynx, wolverines, lemurs, red pandas and more. Children will love the rare opportunity to see these magnificent beasts up close.

The park has 46 lodges, where you can relax in the spa or spend the night surrounded by wildlife. A taste of adventure, where the whole family can marvel at the kings of the natural world and make memories that will last a lifetime. An ideal activity to enjoy with the family!

Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix



High ropes, laser quest in the forest, exciting games: this friendly, family-run business offers group stays, with accommodation in wooden tipis. New attractions every year.

Chase one another around the forest and feel the thrill of the rope bridges... “Look, Dad”, shout older kids as they dare clip themselves to the cables of the treetop adventure course. Hearts race as they face the void, but fortunately the harness is securely attached. The park offers routes of various heights, from 2 m to 11 m. Feel like a squirrel as you leap from branch to branch on a wire.

In the enchanted village, younger children can explore tree houses connected by rope bridges. Thanks to the nets, they will feel completely safe, while also developing their motor skills. Kids over 6 can challenge their parents in laser quest, a fun team game that will see whole families chasing each other around the forest. There’s no danger, but plenty of running, diving behind trees for shelter... And trying to take out mum or dad by spotting their head under their helmet.

A day out kids of all ages will love!

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Nestled in the heart of the forest, the Cité des Loisirs is the ideal place to spend a day or a weekend with the whole family. One of the must-see attractions is the famous Amnéville Zoo, with over 2,000 animals spread over 18 hectares. A magical expedition into nature to discover species from all over the world. Fish lovers are not to be outdone. A visit to the Aquarium d'Amnéville is a real odyssey between rivers and oceans, in the heart of underwater, tropical, Amazonian, African, Zen or tactile spaces.

And the adventure is far from over! The most adventurous families can set off to conquer the trees thanks to the France Aventures experience (accrobranche, reverse bungee jumping, outdoor laser game...) or on the snowy slopes of Snowworld, for a dose of freshness and adrenalin on skis or snowboard at any time of year. A varied, fun and, above all, unforgettable experience. 

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aquarium amnéville
france aventure
Weekends and days out with the family in Moselle: parks, activities and more.

Moselle offers families a world of play and wonder. Reconnect with nature and enjoy quality time together, for a day trip or a whole weekend.

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