On the trail of legends


Cross a preserved forest in the footsteps of the Celts, let yourself be lulled by the sound of nature and contemplate the 360° panoramic views of the Vosges mountains... The Dabo region is ready to welcome you.


Pays de Phalsbourg

God Baldur's hike around Dabo

Baldur, the Celtic god of light, invites you to his kingdom around the Dabo rock. This hike in the heart of a site surrounded by legends allows you to discover the natural wonders of the area.

Observe the sandstone cliffs, walk along the spectacular rocks, contemplate the views of the surrounding forest. The paths lead you into a magical world around the Ballerstein massif.

Dabo - Romain Krebs
Baldur OTIPP


7,9 km - 2h30 - medium difficulty

Marking: blue ring "PDIPR"

God Baldur tour

Discoveries along the water

An imposing pink sandstone rock stands out: the legendary Rock of Dabo. Enjoy its breathtaking panoramic view. Discover the Inclined Plan which allows the "Marne au Rhin" Canal to pass through the Vosges. A unique structure in Europe!

Along the Vallée des Éclusiers, admire the charming lock houses of Henridorff by walking along the Eurovélo 5, a European itinerary. A bucolic and soothing hike.

Explore the remains of the Lutzelbourg Castle and wander around Phalsbourg, a pink sandstone town fortified by Vauban. Carry on and discover the Lehrer crystal factory, which perpetuates the family know-how in the art of crystal sculpting. This excursion is also an opportunity to visit the MOSL quality-approved producers in the territory.

The tour ends in the picturesque village of Haselbourg. Climb to the top of the old Roman oppidum and contemplate a sea of fir trees. A remarkable view over the Dabo countryside.


Château de Lutzelbourg


Vallée des Elusiers Phalsbourg Arzviller

La vallée des Éclusiers


Plan Incliné Romain Krebs

Plan Incliné


Cristallerie Lehrer

Cristallerie Lehrer


Rocher de Dabo - Romain

Panorama depuis le Rocher de Dabo


Baldur OTIPP


Walk along the green valley of the Zorn, surrounded by the sound of water. At the Crows' Rock, stop for a well-deserved break and enjoy the panorama.

Maisons Troglodytes - Patrice Bucher

Under the Falkenfels rock, some surprising troglodyte houses await you.

VTT _ OT Phalsbourg

At the Schleif Pass, get up high and admire a green immensity that will make you want to dive in. Like a call from the forest. Numerous mountain bike routes are ready for you!

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