Here in the Northern Vosges you can enjoy rock climbing on around twenty red sanstone rock outcrops, adapted fro all levels by the French Federation for Mountaineering and Climbing. A Topoguide lists the rocks where climbing is allowed and regulated.
In Pays de Bitche you can climb on the following rocks:
- The Philippsfels IV and the Landersberg at Philippbourg
- The Waldeck and the Sandkopf at Eguelshardt
Given the potential risks, insurance and personal supervision are advisable. The Tourist Offe decline all responsibility in case of accidents.

NOTE: Several rocks in Pays de Bitche and in the Northern Vosges are protected because of the presence of protected flora or fauna. Respect the wildlife and pick up the topoguide from the tourist office with the list of rocks that are authorised for rock climbing.

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