Ambassadeurs MOSL

What does it mean to be a MOSL ambassador?

“Wow! What a view! It’s incredible! ”

Stop. Stop everything! You are a MOSL Ambassador. Yes, you. Really.


All it takes is a little effort: take that fleeting joy at the summit of Dabo rock and turn it into a genuine commitment to Moselle.

If that leaves you awestruck, you’ll be just as stunned by the beauty of Saint-Martin Church in Sillegny, just as excited by Hackenberg Fort, just as amazed by the Saint-Louis Crystal Museum and just as moved by the American war cemetery at Saint-Avold.


Being an ambassador is a real mission.

Above all, it’s a commitment of the heart! It can take the shape of public speaking, stories, sharing...

If you come from Moselle, you are already an ambassador (if not, you’ve got some catching up to do)..

If you are visiting our department for the first time, tell your family and friends all about your trip and share your experience using the hashtag #MOSL. But you can make your role more tangible. Imagine where it could take you...

Having fallen head over heels, you sign up to the MOSL Ambassadors network and return a few weeks later to explore the citadel of Bitche, stopping off in Saint-Avold to sample the world’s best cheesecake, by pastry chef Thierry Hommel.

Your job?

To love, discover, showcase and promote Moselle, its assets and its talents.

As an ambassador, you must use your own networks. Professional or personal. It doesn’t matter. All the better if you use both!

Your mission is to promote your authentic MOSL experiences and share them as widely as possible. Invite your contacts to do the same: photos, selfies, stories… Don’t forget to tag them #MOSL #AmbassadeursMOSL!

Sainte-Croix Park, the fruit gardens of Laquenexy and Malbrouck Castle await!


You’re imagining it already. Admit it.

Let’s summarise.

  • Express your pride in belonging to the network.
  • Develop it using your own style, sharing it with your contacts.
  • Publicise and promote Moselle.
  • Contribute to projects organised by the brand to enhance the appeal of the region.
  • Identify and discover talents in Moselle.
  • Help by taking part in events, lending it your energy...

This is all part of the ambassador’s role.
It’s all about enthusiasm, will and commitment.

But first things first. Fill in the application form. It’s quick and easy.

Then, start promoting MOSL.

Ready to go?

You are just one form away from joining our community of 46,000 ambassadors!

Become an Ambassador

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