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Representing the MOSL brand

Could the MOSL brand be any simpler? We think not.

Could the MOSL brand be any simpler? We think not. It is for you, whatever your age and wherever you live, and can be tailored to suit your personality. It is made to measure for your inner Ambassador. There to help our Ambassadors in their task, the MOSL brand, an acronym of “Moselle Sans Limite” is young, modern, original and quirky. It is an ideal tool for dispelling preconceptions.

Because Moselle is more attractive and colourful than most people realise. A symbol of belonging and pride, MOSL deconstructs these clichés. It is shaped by the Ambassadors themselves, through their own personal experiences. In other words, MOSL is your brand.

What it means to be a MOSL ambassador in 5 key words




Becoming an Ambassador means accepting a unique mission that combines open-mindedness with extraordinary experiences. Representing the MOSL brand opens unexpected doors. You are guaranteed to have an epic adventure and meet new people - across borders and generations!

Engagement Ambassadeur


With pride and love for Moselle, our Ambassadors share a genuine desire to be involved. Becoming an Ambassador is a way of recognising this unique relationship, however it started. It’s an approach that makes sense. It involves rights and duties. Joining us means offering your hard work, will and your skill to serve the region we share. It means consuming local produce, helping promote the department and sharing its charms, supporting the talent of Moselle both inside and outside the region... Every effort counts!

Moselle Open


More than just a network, every MOSL ambassador belongs to a passionate community, driven by a shared love of Moselle (who you will meet at major events, on social media, etc.). An unstoppable, intergenerational and open-minded group, that continues to grow.



As spokespeople of Moselle, Ambassadors embody the region through their actions and commitment. Innovative and creative, just like the region they represent, no matter their age or background, they are a 100% MOSL product!

sans limite

Without limits

Since the MOSL brand is constantly evolving, the actions, commitment and achievements of an Ambassador know no limits. The brand is a tool that promotes innovation and pushes the limits. By representing it, Ambassadors help make the region more and more dynamic, fostering entrepreneurship and success. Let’s meet the Ambassadors, whether Mosellan by birth, adoption, or at heart, living locally, across France or around the world, famous or not, they are all committed and have great MOSL experiences to share.

Hear their stories

Allison Masci

Allison Masci

Entrepreneurship, sport and health

After professional experiences at Disneyland Paris and in Luxembourg, this young Moselle woman is now developing health sports programs in Amnéville. At the heart of the Greenhouse establishment, she offers physical activities for pregnant women.

François Daubinet

François Daubinet

Starred pastry chef and palace chef

This young man from Thionville is one of the most acclaimed pastry chefs of his generation. After eight years of pastry training with the Compagnons du Devoir, he left for the New York adventure at Financier Pâtisserie. Back in Paris, he trained in starred pastry and palace pastry with Jérôme Chaucesse at the Hôtel de Crillon, Christophe Michalak at the Plaza Athénée, and then became the head pastry chef at the famous Parisian gourmet restaurant Le Taillevent. In 2017, he took over the direction of the international sweet creation of the Fauchon house.

Nébéwia Griffete

Nébéwia Griffete

Unlimited commitment to health

Originally from Stiring-Wendel, she is now a lecturer and researcher at Sorbonne University in Paris. Within the framework of the Phénix laboratory, she is working to target only cancer cells. And thus, to make chemotherapy treatments evolve. A daily commitment for this dynamic ambassador ready to launch her start-up.

Sylvain Kastendeuch

Sylvain Kastendeuch

Legend of Messin soccer

Always invested in the world of soccer as co-president of the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP), the former defender is among the most emblematic players of the Messin club with which he won the French Cup and the League Cup.

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