Undertake your business in complete serenity

Undertake in all serenity

Dynamic and innovative, Moselle is currently an economic region conducive to business ventures and investment.

With the support of Moselle Attractivité, the Moselle department promotes the creation of companies and the launch of new activities.

facade Moselle Attractivité


  • 60,800 businesses across the Moselle region
  • 10 480 companies created in 2021
  • 6 sectors of excellence (automotive, energy, digital, logistics, agri-food, chemicals and advanced materials)
  • 450 foreign company subsidiaries
  • Territoire 3.0 (very high speed fibre optic coverage)
  • Moselle Agence d’Attractivité (incentives agency)
Agence Mosl Attractivité

Moselle, a department where to set up a business

The incentives agency provides entrepreneurs with a range of first-class services and support to facilitate the setting up and growth of companies in Moselle: 

  • Search for premises and land
  • Forging links with partners
  • Search for funding
  • Assistance with recruitment

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Emmanuelle Painchaud
Craftsman - Plappeville
"I am originally from Moselle. I did go abroad for a while, but I came back to Moselle with great pleasure to establish my life and progress in my activity. It's good to live in Moselle!"

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Ville Forbach Romain Krebs

Finding an accomodation

Finding a custom-made home in Moselle ? More than a possibility : an evidence.


Study and succeed in Moselle

With many recognized institutions, an attractive living environment and numerous actions in favor of student life, Moselle clearly stands out in terms of education.


Finding a job in Moselle

Moselle is the ideal place to develop and boost your professional career.

Citadelle de Bitche Romain Krebs

Living for the better in Moselle

Moselle offers an exceptional quality of life to its one million inhabitants.