Moselle Sans Limite

The Moselle Sans Limite brand

MOSL* Moselle Sans Limite is a brand that unites industry stakeholders to serve the department. It is also the ideal, modern way of showcasing the many assets of a Moselle that is becoming more attractive every day.

Soirée de lancement MOSL

Brand philosophy

Breaking the rules, fostering creativity, innovating without limits... The brand strives to raise the bar, to reinvent. On behalf of a group. On behalf of a region. Working with its youth. MOSL does not shy from this philosophy, it has no limits.

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Representing the MOSL brand

Moselle Attractivité is built around four distinct but complementary services. Each of them works to define and then implement an overarching strategy for enhancing the region’s appeal.

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4 years after its launch, the rollout of the MOSL brand continues.
Focus on action

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MOSL Ambassadors

Ambassadors by and for Moselle. An active, connected and multi-dimensional community.

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