Visit Moselle (Lorraine): a surprising destination

Discover Moselle

Moselle captivates all who visit with its warmth and dedication to quality. 

Whether you’re looking for action, discovery or relaxation, dive into the unique and limitless experiences Moselle offers tourists. 



Discover all the news about tourism in Moselle: what to visit, what to do on weekends, where to go out on Sundays? Follow all the news and find here everything that makes the richness of the tourist destination MOSL: small or big nuggets, the possibilities of tourism in MOSL are multifaceted and will surprise you, let yourself be guided, Moselle will surprise you!


Discover Moselle

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with family or friends, make memories, try something new and enjoy breathtaking scenery at every turn. There’s so much to see in Moselle!

Citadelle Bitche-F.Calvier

The essentials

The crème de la crème of Moselle’s sights - not to be missed under any circumstances and to be (re)discovered without limits!

Restaurant M - Niderviller


From traditional restaurant à l’étoilé, to food-trucks: the best of Moselle. Look out for the Qualité MOSL label and you can’t go wrong!

Aquamundo/Center Parcs-Pierre & vacance

Things to do

From theme parks, to spas, to quirky activities... it’s impossible to get bored; the challenge is deciding!

Domaine de la Klauss-Jérôme Mondière


Hotels, guest houses and unique accommodation. In Moselle, hospitality is a way of life, quality an imperative. Sleep well!

Malbrouck-S MICHEL


History, archaeology, culture, industry, art, craft... in Moselle there’s no limit to what you can discover and learn!

Rocher Altschlossfelsen/Roppeviller-R.Kreb

Strolling around

Wide open skies and breathtaking landscapes, for fitness fans and those who prefer to take things easy. On foot, on horseback, by bike, let us show you the way.

Fêtes de la Mirabelle/Ville de Metz-Philippe GISSELBRECHT

Going out

Bars, cabarets & casinos? Theatres, cinemas & bowling? Chilled or lively? A huge range of options to create your perfect night out.

What's new in Moselle ?


Moselle’s greatest asset is its people, and you’ve come out in force to support our initiatives & our local brand, so why not discover MOSL through your eyes on social media.


A strategic location at the heart of Europe. Moselle borders Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Its transport network is accessible and well connected: airports, motorways, railways - it has everything you need to travel with ease and enjoy all Moselle has to offer, without limits.

Paris is less than 1:30 hours away by TGV, Germany and Luxembourg are a short journey by road and 3 nearby airports (Metz - Luxembourg and Saarbrücken) mean you’re spoilt for choice when traveling to Moselle!



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Visit Moselle (Lorraine): a surprising destination 

There are hundreds of things for tourists to do in Moselle, whether you’re a lover of tradition, a happy traveller, or simply an inquisitive mind.