Tour idea - hiking between nature and military heritage

Encountering nature's history


What if you were to discover the Moselle coast? This territory has a rich historical past and a luxuriant nature, between hills, forests and vineyards.

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Metz and surroundings

Hiking among the coast of the moselle and the military memory

Dive into the heart of the Moselle by hiking where nature and history meet. A promise of emotional moments.

On the left bank of the Moselle, marvel at the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the history that lies behind it. Walk along the historical route of the 1944 battle and stop in front of the monument to the Lorraine smugglers, a witness to a shattering past. The peace and quiet of nature intermingle with the echoes of history.

Wander through the narrow, picturesque streets of Dornot and contemplate the views over the Moselle valley. Breathe in the pure air of nature and savour the moment.

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Network of 40 km of walking routes to choose from - medium difficulty.

Marking: yellow lines

Les côtes de Moselle

Places filled with history

On this journey, you will discover places that cannot be missed. Unforgettable.

Walk along the fortified ring of Metz and discover its many forts and batteries, witnesses of the city's military history. Continue through picturesque villages with wonderful views: Lorry-Mardigny, Arry, Dornot, Gorze.

Pass under the Roman aqueduct and be amazed by this antique engineered monument that carried water to Metz. Here, time seems to have been suspended.

In Corny, the historical route immerses you in the battle of Dornot-Corny from 8 to 10 September 1944. All this in a total immersion in the surrounding nature.

Ceinture de Metz EtDieuCrea

Porte des Allemands


Vaux SMichel

Ile de Vaux


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Aqueduc Romain


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Parcours Bataille Dornot

Bataille de Dornot-Corny 1944


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A trip to the heights of the Moselle

Follow the Moselle, watch birds, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views ... This is what awaits you when you take the Voie Bleue, which links Lyon to Luxembourg over 700 kilometers. This trail, mainly reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, is ideal for a hike.

eglise marieulles

Continue towards the Moselle hillsides: in Lorry-Mardigny, Marieulles-Vezon and Ancy-Dornot, the wine-growing landscapes invite you to an escapade. Moselle wine producers and Mirabelle growers with MOSL quality certification will open their doors and show you the treasures of the region.

vignes marieulles

Extend this excursion by discovering the Fraze Rock. These blocks and panels of limestone collapsed from a cliff shelter an impressive protohistoric sepulchral cave!

panorama vallée moselle

In Arry, a charming village perched on the Moselle coast, discover a breathtaking panorama over the valley and the Lorraine plateau. A revitalising experience.

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