L'agence Moselle Attractivité

The agency’s objectives

MOSL Agency has a simple objective: to boost the appeal of Moselle by offering stakeholders a solid structure and a range of tailor-made tools.

Moselle Attractivité

To achieve this, it has a clear strategy drawn up with input from stakeholders in the regional economy and tourism sector. The MOSL strategy is the outcome of a collaboration between the Moselle Department and regional ambassadors. This strategy centres around five key objectives.

Our objectives

Rives de Moselle Thionville

Raise the profile of Moselle

This is one of the agency’s founding principles. You could even call it the main strategic focus. Moselle has no limits. It must shine, both within its borders and beyond. Our task, therefore, is to boost its reputation through constant innovation and by harnessing its youth to create an appealing image...

Caravane Moselle Terre de Jeux 2024

Succeed without limits in Moselle

Moselle Attractivité aims to convey the message that Moselle is a land of success to the greatest possible number of people. In order to maintain and expand its business activities, it must attract investors, uncover creative talents and support large scale projects that create jobs. It therefore needs to make itself attractive.

Parc de Sainte-Croix

Create a MOSL experience

Moselle is a tourist destination on the rise. It must become an experience that can be lived without limits. In order to attract visitors and tourists, Moselle Attractivité aims to provide a surprising, innovative and appealing offer, based on customer expectations and the assets of the region.

Comptoir Qualité MOSL

Promote expertise

A land of talent, a hotbed of skills, Moselle is known for its expertise in various industries. Drawing on its assets (producers, craftspeople, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) is an essential aspect of enhancing its appeal. The objective is to promote its strengths, and by doing so, foster short supply chains.

Château de Malbrouck

Showcasing “borderless” spirit

Thanks to its geographic position, Moselle is the crossroads of Europe. It is therefore natural for the agency to participate in the “Greater Region Territorial Development Plan”. This project aims to boost the competitiveness and appeal of the Greater Region, effectively erasing borders and enabling various institutions to work hand in hand.

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