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Nature offers up its benefits. A zen hot spring retreat.
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SPA Deep Nature Center parcs Ton Hurks



Get back in shape: Take care of yourself, relax, work out, get a tan and enjoy

A wide range of activities await visitors, from the peace of the pools and jacuzzies to aqua aerobics classes.

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The wellness centre, nestled in this popular resort, offers something for the whole family. From a pool specialising in massage jets (swan’s neck jets, fountains, multi-jets...), to aqua fit and aqua gym classes, not to mention regular infant swimming sessions.

Jacuzzis, saunas, hammams, a solarium and an outdoor spa complete this 2400 m2 complex dedicated to relaxation. In a verdant setting on the banks of Lake Stock, the wellness centre has something for all ages. Whether alone, in a couple, or with the whole family, press pause for the weekend.

Centre de Bien Être de Langatte
Centre de Bien Être de Langatte



An oasis of wellness immersed in nature

Trained specialists will help you experience a state of true relaxation. Immerse your senses in the Deep Nature spa and emerge revitalised.

The Deep Nature Spa is sensational. It is a tranquil place to catch your breath at Center Parcs Domaine des Trois Forêts. Inspired by nature, its plants, minerals and waterways transport body and spirit into a world of remarkable sensations.

You will be totally immersed. Explore the themed areas focused on relaxing (body and face massage, bubble ledges) and revitalising (cold showers, ice fountain) the body. The bamboo massage, a real house speciality, adds an extra dimension to this journey of the senses.

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Center Parcs



Thermal baths welcoming children aged 4 and over

As you relax in the pools and rivers, your stresses and strains wash away. Programme of relaxation, sport and fitness activities for all the family.

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Exploring Thermapolis is a unique way of travelling the world.


Ready to set sail? Follow the guide. First, let yourself be carried by the gentle current of the central river. It will transport you around this world of tranquility. Next, head for the mysterious cavern area, inspired by the Sigiriya cave in Sri Lanka, which combines relaxation with artistic touches.

Make sure not to miss the Turkish baths, Finnish sauna and the colourful Egyptian area. Take the chance to lie for a few minutes on its hot marble slab. Finally, plunge into the cold pool, hop on a thermabike and try cryotherapy.

Thermapolis Toutmetz
Thermapolis Victoire St Vincent



Roman baths with naturally warm water

Imagine. You gently lower yourself into spa waters rich in iron and trace elements. Relaxation and rejuvenation beneath Ancient Roman inspired frescos.

A spa treatment and a few minutes lounging on the hot marble slab will transport you to the heart of ancient Rome. Taking inspiration from the original spas, Villa Pompei exists outside of time. Its thermal waters, drawn from a 900-metre deep well, have earned it a nationwide reputation. Gardens, terraces, hammams and saunas complete this unique 400 m² oasis of indoor and outdoor pools.

Here, the best is not something to strive for. It is the outcome of expertise rigorously maintained by the physiotherapists and beauticians at Moselle’s top wellness destination since 2003.

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Villa Pompei