Nature breaks in Moselle

Breathe in the nature


Need a breath of fresh air? Enjoy a weekend getaway immersed in nature. Moselle boasts beautiful forests and hiking routes throughout its regions, just waiting for you to discover them, alone or with the family.

Perfect for active travellers.

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Château de Waldeck

Moselle-Saone Voie Bleu cycle route


A weekend in nature: escape on two wheels and ride the border.

The route traces the Moselle border, offering a wonderful bike getaway on safe paths. With facilities for cycle tourists, this vast natural landscape is the ideal place for an eco-friendly escape at a gentle pace.

Moselle boasts 1100 km of well-maintained cycle routes, with a range of paths to suit all riders. From circular routes on small roads, taking in stunning landscapes, to safe family-friendly cycle paths and traffic-free riverside routes for long distance riders. 
Cycling is the perfect way to really explore the Moselle region and immerse yourself in nature, for a weekend or a longer break.

Prepare the family bikes for gentle ride with the kids and enjoy a weekend immersed in nature, wind in your face and picnic in your bag, or strap on your pannier bags for a longer trip...


Sarreguemines véloroutes
Sarreguemines véloroutes
Forbach vélo electriques

The Rock of Dabo


Cycle in a protected mountainside setting, whatever the weather.

Lovers of forested mountainside MTB tails in search of a natural destination can enjoy one of the densest networks of well-maintained waymarked trails in France, at any time of year. Pedal without limits all year round on the low mountain “Blue Line” cycle route in the Vosges.

Slam on the breaks as you reach the summit of the Rock of Dabo, and take a minute to contemplate the stunning scenery of the Lorrain plateau with your children. And to catch your breath. With a remarkable wealth of MTB circuits surrounded by nature, there’s something for every ability. From the Rock of Sickert, a stunning pink sandstone outcrop standing 508 m high, the cycle route crosses and follows the beautiful river Zorn for several kilometres. Its downhill sections will thrill seasoned mountain bikers.

Or why not try the Sandplatz circuit with its majestic scenery and wooded peaks. Don’t be surprised when Steinerne Maennele - an almost human rock formation shaped by erosion - emerges from the woods like a statue. Get in the saddle and you will be rewarded with a wide range of circuits, taking in mountain passes, the Vosges forest, cave dwellings and climbing spots. Fun rides to make memories the whole family will talk about for years to come!
Pedal the Vosges Mosellanes ‘Blue Line’ cycle route and let your spirit take flight

Rocher de Dabo
Des circuits VTT en pleine nature

Pays de Bitche 


Take a deep breath of nature among pines and castles.

On foot or by bike: the Vosges hills entrance visitors. For lovers of fresh air, greenery, hiking, castles and forests presided over by sandstone sentinels, peculiar and enigmatic rock formations.

“Go ahead - we’ll catch up!” say parents to spur on their kids. Discover Pays de Bitche as a family and enjoy slow travel, taking in fortresses and lakes.

All inspiration for hiking in Moselle

Don your rucksack and boots, smell the pine forest on the breeze, listen to the birdsong, admire the Vosges mountains. There’s a pleasure in taking your time - time to check the map, take a sip from your flask, eat a little, then continue on your way!
Time for your legs to recover their strength to finish your loop through the nature reserve, with its rocks and peat bogs. Keen hikers can take on the six-hour GR53 circuit, while leisure walkers can enjoy a one-hour stroll through vineyards.

If you’re looking for a forest getaway, Moselle is a playground for walkers with breathtaking scenery. Experience unique and unforgettable holidays immersed in nature.


Château du Falkenstein
Randonnée en famille

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A weekend close to nature in Moselle

Discover the landscapes of Moselle together on a weekend getaway in the great outdoors. The region boasts rich, varied landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. From wooded chalk hillsides to lakes, a voyage of discovery and breath-taking landscapes awaits.