Nature weekend in Moselle

Go with the Flow


Peaceful land laid-lack, Moselle invites you to contemplate nature at the gentle pace of its waterways.
Explore a varied landscape of rivers, lakes and canals.

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Domaine de Lindre


Domaine de Lindre Nature Park

Discover a wealth of wildlife among the lakes.

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Life in this unspoilt natural park, with its 830 hectares of fish-filled ponds, depends on water. This peaceful environment is home to 248 species of bird, 11 species of amphibian, numerous mammals and a multitude of insects.

Listen. Look. Smell. Touch. Roam the trails, stroll by the waterside and take in every last detail of this national ornithological reserve.The park is a true open-air lab, working to conserve flora and fauna, while focusing on environmental and fisheries research. It raises awareness of threats to biodiversity through themed exhibitions, educational events, and guided walks organised by local associations.

If you love the great outdoors and nature, why not indulge your senses at Domaine de Lindre Nature Park.

Domaine de Lindre
Domaine de Lindre


Inclined Plane

The only boat lift of its kind in Europe

This impressive structure enables amateur sailors to cross from the Marne to the Rhine. In a sliding tray on a ramp with two 450 tonne counterweights, boats traverse the 44 metre gap.

Fascinating. Monumental. Unique. These and more superlatives come to mind at first glance. The Saint-Louis/Arzviller inclined plane astounds some 100,000 visitors each year. This XXL boat lift is a true feat of engineering, allowing boaters to save a full day’s sailing between Paris and Strasbourg.

Today, around fifty years since its construction, it has become one of Moselle’s most popular tourist attractions. The machine room reveals its secrets. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular Éclusiers valley on the tourist train. The highlight of the visit is a mini cruise in a river launch, featuring a descent and ascent in the boat lift. Simply spectacular.

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Plan Incliné de Saint-Louis Arzviller


Hoste Lake – The Aquatic Maginot Line

History emerges on the banks of the water

Explore bodies of water shaped by man for defence, now transformed into places of inspiration and relaxation, on foot or by bike.

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History and nature blend to create a place unique in Moselle.
In the Land of the Lakes, Hoste and its ponds are the perfect place to relax while uncovering traces of the interwar period. These two bodies of water (Hoste-Bas and Hoste-Haut) form the gateway to the famous aquatic Maginot Line, a system of defensive floods created in the 1930s.

These wild and unspoilt places, flanked by forest, offer visitors an ideal spot to enjoy walking, mountain biking and even fishing.

Etang de Hoste
Etang de Hoste

Sarre & marne

The Sarre Canal and The Marne-Rhine Canal

These leisure canals connect the Lorraine plateau on one side to the German border on the other, before merging in the foothills of the Vosges mountains. A peaceful escape in nature, coloured blue and green.

Witness to the two World Wars, the Sarre and Marne-Rhine Canals have long played a role in the transport of coal to Germany and the supply of provisions to factories. Nowadays, they have become popular river tourism destinations in their own right. The landscaped banks and towpaths are the perfect place for a walk or bike ride.

The Marne-Rhine canal boasts 57 locks along its length of its journey through the heart of the Northern Vosges Nature Park and Lorraine. Meanwhile, the Sarre canal flows into the river at Sarreguemines, after crossing the stunning Fénétrange forest. Symbolically, these two canals join in Moselle, in Gondrexange.

Canal de la Marne au Rhin
Canal de la Marne au Rhin
Canal de la Marne au Rhin