L'agence Moselle Attractivité

Governance of Moselle Attractivité

In order to define and deliver a strategy for enhancing the appeal of Moselle, the governance is organised as follows:


Board of directors

This consists of 30 members drawn equally from the different sectors:

  • institutional stakeholders (sector 1)
  • industry stakeholders (sectors 2, 3 and 4) from tourism, business and attractiveness in the broadest sense.

The Executive Committee

This consists of 10 full members and 10 alternate members

  • President - Patrick WEITEN
  • 1st Vice-President responsible for economic development - Alexandre CASSARO
  • Vice-President responsible for Tourism - Alexandre KEFF
  • Vice-President responsible for regional marketing - Bernard GUIRKINGER
  • Secretary - Julien BOUTTER
  • Treasurer - Jean-Pierre GEORGE

The advisory board

Based on the same structure as the professional committee, it contributes directly to the insights and strategies developed by the agency.

Two meetings of the board of directors, one executive committee meeting and a mixed General Assembly take place each year.