Break free from borders : discover the secrets of the Moselle vineyards


Imagine: travelling through three countries, crossing three borders, where the Schengen area takes on its full meaning. In the land of the three borders, among the vineyards of Moselle, numerous winegrowing, historical and natural sites are waiting for you!

Contz Les Bains Vignes G Ramon

In the land of the Three Borders

Hiking in the heart of the Moselle vineyards

Sierck Guillaume Ramon

Take a stroll along the hilly paths and let yourself be enchanted by the charming landscapes of the Moselle vineyards and contemplate the surrounding hills. Here, the vineyards stretch right down to the river's edge. Follow the Moselle and observe step by step the hillsides of the northernmost vineyard in France.

Sierck Guillaume Ramon

Meet the winegrowers from Moselle, Saarland and Luxembourg. Visit their cellars and discover their know-how during a tasting of their products. An authentic experience, which transports you into a world of sensations and discoveries, in the heart of the Moselle region.


33 km - 8h00 - medium difficulty

Markup: specific M3 Trail sign

Moselle 3 Trail

Many wonderful sights to discover in the surrounding area

Along the steep paths, admire the majestic Malbrouck Castle, whose imposing towers dominate the Moselle valley. A short distance away, pursue your immersion in history at the Ducs de Lorraine Castle. One of its assets: a unique view of the hillsides of the Moselle AOC.

Take a well-deserved break at the Maison de la Nature in Montenach. Sit on its sunny terrace and enjoy a local lemonade while contemplating the surrounding nature. Simply take your time.

Continue your walk towards Luxembourg and stop at Schengen, where the famous treaties were signed. Visit the European Museum and feel more European than ever.

Malbrouck G Ramon

Château de Malbrouck


Chateau des ducs de lorraine F Doncourt

Château des Ducs de Lorraine


Maison de la Nature A Jolas

House of Nature


Musée européen Schengen

Schengen European Museum


Maison de la Nature - Nied

An appointment with the countryside...

Take the hilly paths of the Montenach Nature Reserve and observe its magnificent orchids, unique in the region. An opportunity to take your most beautiful photos!

Contz les bains S Michel close as possible to the vineyards

Between Apach and Merschweiller, climb the limestone slopes of the Hammelsberg natural site. The place offers an impressive view of these two villages.

In Contz-les-Bains, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Moselle vineyards. On the Stromberg hill, watch the sunset over the Moselle valley. The promise of unforgettable memories.

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